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In many countries, shipping cost has to be calculated including the local tax rate. For most products in Germany for example, the tax rate is 19% and therefore shipping has to add 19% of tax to its cost.

WooCommerce automatically adds the tax to the set shipping cost, if set. This is great, as we can’t forget about it.

But if we want to offer a specific price for the customer, no matter how high the tax we need to pay, this can be tricky. WooCommerce always adds the tax to the amount set as shipping cost. If we just enter the shipping price excluding tax, we often end up with rounding mistakes. 

Luckily there is an easy trick how to stick with your price: as WooCommerce adds the tax to the cost, we just need to deduct it right before that using the same calcuation. 

The basic calculation is:

Shipping cost / 1.Taxrate 

If the hipping cost is 3,95€ and the tax rate is 21% this means:

3.95 / 1.21

These calculations can just be added in the shipping cost instead of the usual price. 

Add the shipping cost calculation in the cost field


And voila, customers always pay  the price you specify including the right tax.