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Including EU VAT in WooCommerce

When selling digital goods in the European Union, taxes need to be paid. Since 2015, electronic services and products in Europe are bound to the value added tax (VAT). Though they are not collected by an european institution, but every member state is required to...

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Language corrections using .po files

Most themes and plugins automatically recognize the language version of your WordPress installation and the country you work from. Then they install the right language package and without ever noticing the different language versions, everything is shown in the...

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Creating a second floating menu on specific pages

Just now, I had a customer who with a rather rare wish: On her website, there are parts with many submenu items. To facilitate the user experience, these parts should always show a second menu giving constantly all the submenu item. The site is running with the...

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Different possibilities for multi-language websites

One question customers often have, concerns multilingual pages. As WordPress was developed as a blog system, a standard option for multilingual content is not included. One either has to manually create different versions or use a WordPress plugin. Basically, there...

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