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Hi, my name is Anna, I code HTML, CSS and Javascript applications for custom development projects.

At the moment this includes websites, online shops, prototypes, native apps and online games. I like working with agencies and designers who I support with custom developments. My CMS of choice is WordPress, the system I focus on.

I am based in Berlin and my tools these days are my solid MacBook Pro and Thunderbird display. Installed on my machine are Visual Studio Code, Adobe CC suite, GameMaker Studio and Unity3D and Sublime Text.

I am self-organised and have worked remotely for shop and website owners, designers and agencies and bigger companies in the past three years. I also maintain a web shop where I provide smaller service packages.

At the moment I use my free time to dabble in newer technologies like React-Native and explore gaming engines to expand my skills. Hidden folks was one of my personal favorites of 2017 and Gorogoa has inspired to explore this direction more recently. Besides coding I like doing Illustrations (download a free icon pack here), making my own clothes, horseback riding and reading. As a side project I maintain two WordPress plugins.

If you Are …

... a company

Need to visulalise your concept or application?

I will build lean prototypes and smooth user interfaces for your project.

... a designer

Got a design ready for coding, you need realised?

I will build custom designs and themes based on your designs using WordPress as CMS.

... an agency

Need deliverables in a timely manner?

I will support your project while communicating consistently with your in-house team.

... a website owner

Need a new feature or site maintenance?

I can code new features, design shiny elements and perform required updates for your website.


Sometimes, I blog about work, tools and code snippets. These are my latest posts:
How to update WooCommerce like a Pro

How to update WooCommerce like a Pro

WooCommerce in a WordPress installation can be a powerful e-commerce setup. To stay that way, the CMS and the plugin need to be upgraded to ensure performance, to stay secure and to look and function continuously well. As important as these updates are, there can...

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SEPA and WooCommerce Subscriptions

SEPA and WooCommerce Subscriptions

In Europe and in my experience a lot in Germany, direct debit is a commonly used payment method - no matter if for single payments or subscriptions. Credit Cards on the other hand are much less widespread. Instead there are still many households who don’t even own...

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