My Handdrawn Icons

Pictures can say more then a thousand words.
That’s no news, especially not online. Capturing the eyes of readers is crucial. I personally like to illustrate what I want to say, or what I think describes the contents of what’s coming best. Therefore, I often draw my own pictures, using my iPad.

In one of these projects, I made some icons. I will gradually add more, whenever I have the time and leisure for it.
If you like them, you can download the full pack here.
If there is a specific icon you need, feel free to ask. I might be able to add it.


Colored Icon Set

The icons in their colorful version. Pep up some sleek and simple designs. 


Sepia Icon Set

The same icons, but in a sepia version. It might look a bit more subtle, for example.

My WordPRess Plugins


During my work with WordPress and WooCommerce, I write plugins which I sometimes publish in the official repository.



As I work mostly with WordPress and have maintained and developed a lot of WooCommerce shops, I wrote a plugin extending the WC Single Product Page with a list of up to 5 Unique Selling Propositions and fitting icons. It can help reminding customers why they should order in a specific shop right when they might need a push. Which is right at the Add-To-Cart-Button. 

You can download the plugin from the official WordPress repository.


Image Slider Block

Gutenberg is a great development for WordPress and writing and editing Posts.
A lot of customers want to show images in a slider. As this is no standard block editor feature, I wrote a simple extension. It allows you to show your images in a slider with a caption. And it adds options for arrows, dots, autoplay and image size adaption.

You can download the plugin from the official WordPress repository.

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